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  Ad Talent // Newsletter March 2008  
“You must manage yourself before you can lead someone else” – Zig Ziglar.
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Industry Antics

Stars On The Move
Gotta Love Your Job!
News Of Leratong
Mama Naledi Advises
A Small Truth To Make Life 100%
Design Indaba
Your Financial And IT Recruitment Specialists

Industry antics
Castle Lite Makes The Right Choice
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Colin Moss's First Local TV Commercial In 10 Years
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Homegrown Levi's EVA Range Hits US Stores
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Eat Out People's Choice Launched
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Lange Awarded Sturrock Shipping Account
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New Media Publishing Gets A Healthy Dose Of New Business
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SA One Of Sotheby’s International Realty’s Fastest Growing Markets
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TillTops Lets Brands Have The Final Word
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JWT Cape Town Implements Pro Bono Work For The International Campaign To Ban Landmines (ICBL)
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Luxury Floating University Appoints SA PR Firm
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Marcus Brewster Appoints Account Director
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HKLM Cape Town
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Tynago Communications Launches
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New Clients For TillTops
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Moroke Chooses Yellowwood
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JD Group Recalls Primedia@Home
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Primedia@Home Forges Relationships In The USA
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Renamed PR Agency Launches Specialist Entertainment Division
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HKLM Celebrates Five Years Of Creative Difference
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Re/Max Takes Brand Strategy Home To Get Results
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New Client Wins For Atmosphere Communications
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Prism Awards For Top PR Firm
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TillTops Crosses The Border
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The Search Is On For Top-Notch Produce
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Greater Than Scoops Two Prism Awards
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You Could Be A Winner!

A beautiful little girl, Hannah Tara, arrived on the 10th February. Larissa Sparg, our Cape Town Managing Director, is absolutely thrilled with her new arrival.  Congratulations to the new mom and dad, Larissa and Richard.  May little Hannah Tara bring you both great joy. 

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Stars On The Move


SHEPO MOLETSANE - Account Director at Draft FCB
SYLVESTER CHAUKE - Marketing Manager at MTV
ZINHLE ZAMA - Account Director at Brand Leadership
LARA SHEPHERD - Group Account Director at Mick and Nick
LYNN MILLER - Account Director at HKLM
CINDY ROWLES - Senior Account Director at Ogilvy
LISA STEINGOLD - Marketing Manager at Medal Paints
NICOLE STEIN - Strategic Planner at TBWA
NINGI MHINGA - Account Manager at FCB
ADRIANA PRISTA-JOHNSON - Media Manager Africa at Media Compete
DAVINA WERTHEIMER - Business Unit Director at JWT
SIPHELELE SIXASO - Marketing Manager at SABC
TEBOGO KOENA - Strategic Planner at Jupiter
VANESSA COLLINS - Communications Director at Lowe Bull
LUCKY NKOSI - Marketing Manager at FNB
ADRI SCHEEPERS - Advertising Sales Consultant at Top Huis
FARAH FORTUNE - Account Executive at Cutting Edge
LEANY ERASMUS - Junior Account Executive at Lesley Simpson Communications
JEAN VEITCH - Account Director at FCB
TUMI NDABA - Account Director at The Fire House
IAN PEPLER - National Sales Manager at New Media Publishing
GREG MARTIN - Business Development Manager at BOO! Media
STUART TUDOR-OWEN - Strategic Planner at Y&R
KAREN MEIXNER - Account Manager at Publicis
GOLDEN CHADEMANAH - Account Director at Red Nail
MARTIN CHAUKE - Managing Director at SA Tourism at Ogilvy
JULIAN MANIKUS - Business Unit Director at Red Nail
GABI BUTSCHI - Traffic/Production Coordinator at HMC Seswa
TESS SULAMAN - Project Manager at Amorphous
ASTRID CUNNINGHAM - Traffic Manager at Ireland Davenport
TUMI TSHIMBANA - Account Manager at JWT
TAFFY SEWERA - Account Manager at DDB
ZANELE HADEBE - Head of Marketing at FNB Connect
RODNEY NAIDOO - Visual Production Manager at Edcon Group
KAREN FORREST - promoted to Business Unit Director at Saatchi
JULIA ESLICK - Business Unit Director at HKLM
MARK NORTON - Senior Strategist at FCB
CHARITY NDISENGEI - Marketing Director at IQPC
BRENDAN GABRIEL - Creative Director at Finepoint Productions
SAMANTHA VENTER - Finished Artist at Cross Colours
JUSTIN RENDER - Copywriter at Icandi
ABIGAIL CLARK - Scriptwriter at Finepoint Productions


KARRIN BOTTA - Junior Strategist at The Fearless Executive
CHRISTINE HARLAMBOUS - Advertising Sales Exec at Touchline Media
SOLOMON MUKASA - Account Manager at Teamworks
LAUREN VAN ROOYEN - Business Development Executive at RadMark
CHRISTINE COLLINS - Sales Consultant at Mxit Lifestyle
NICOLLE McKENZIE - Advertising Sales Executive at Golf Punk Magazine
SAMANTHA PEEL - Advertising Sales Executive at Sandton Magazine
CHRISTIAN VON DURCKHEIM - Advertising Sales Executive at Absolute Magazine
NADIA TOFFAR - Advertising and Marketing Executive at Kwela Game Lodge
JULIA AYERST - Graphic Designer at Infestation
CINDY TRUTER - Production Manager at Action Frames
JANET POLLACK - Designer at Easy Solutions
LAURA PERTON - Designer at Picasso Headline
GAVIN HEYWOOD - Digital Retoucher at Ogilvy
AMY ELLMAN - Senior Interactive Designer at Stonewall+
SHAFWAAN COTTLE - DTP Operator at BBDO Cape Town
BRIAN CARTER - Web Designer at Ripe Design
MARIO ARROW - DTP Operator at The Jupiter Drawing Room
CHRISTIAN JAGGERS - Senior Designer at Pam Golding Properties
SANDRA ZIELMAN - Copywriter at Pam Golding Properties
SONJA FAHN - promoted to Creative Director at BBDO

Gotta Love Your Job!
It's what you've always wanted to do. You've loved your job ever since you first set foot into the ad agency. Your best friend's mother worked in advertising and inspired you. You loved your studies, dreaming of the day you landed your dream job in advertising.

So here you are in your dream job, in the industry you've always wanted to be, but you're BORED, BORED, BORED. Where did all your enthusiasm go? When did you fall out of love with your job? You're certainly not the first person to be bored out of your wits with your job. It's very hard to be happy all the time in a job, year in and year out.

Don't despair. Here are some tips to bring back the "spark".

Why did you want this job in the first place?

We forget why we fell in love with our partner. We forget why we wanted children. Are you forgetting why you couldn't ever imagine doing anything else than what you are doing at the moment? Everything was going so well. Up until recently - when everything just .....fell apart.

Although you think you have lost your "spark" and enthusiasm for your job, it's not so. You've just become weary, doing the same thing day after day. Close your eyes. Think back to those heady days when you decided to follow your dream. Do you feel the excitement building up? Are you smiling? Are you tingling with the memory of it?

Try something new

When you start feeling like this, speak to your boss. Ask him if there is something else you could do, just in the short term. Explain that if you continue as you are, you will be doing the company a disservice. If he values you, he, hopefully, will accommodate you. Often when what you do is taken away from you, you realise just why you have been so happy in the past with what you were doing. Maybe this temporary "new job" will re-energise you and your "spark" will return.


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News Of Leratong

Peggy Chauke in her office

Living conditions in Alex


Three years ago, I appealed to you to help us raise funds for this little school that depends entirely on donations to keep going. Your donations have gone such a long way in assisting Leratong in its ongoing struggle for survival. Their needs are ever-increasing and Peggy, the principal, finds it hard to turn away the needy and desperate children. She is now looking after 160 children.

I appeal to you, yet once again, to open your hearts and help in whichever way you can. Their immediate needs are food, but whatever you can donate will be gratefully accepted. They have a second-hand shop and whatever they cannot use for the school is sold and the money ploughed back into the school. If you want to donate money, their bank details are as follows:

First National Bank, Bramley - 252 105,
Account number - 503 000 125 02.
Their registration certificate number is 002298.
Account name: Alexandra Learning Pre-School Centre

Our grateful thanks:

to SIMON and KIM CARPENTER who, once again, donated piles of clothing.
to SHELLY BUNCH, a teacher at Stepping Stones Nursery School, who donated bags and bags of toys.
to JANINE EIKENBOOM and SHANNON MCLAREN of Ad Talent, who gave generously of all manner of household goods.
to LYNDA MCDOUGALL of Nedbank for her donation of fluffy toys.
to YUSUF MOOLLA of AMKA. They donated 8 cases of strawberry flavoured "Replace" - immune boosters  - to Leratong.

Click here to read more about this little school we have chosen to support.

Mama Naledi Advises

Dear Mama

Please help! I don't know what to do. I'm a graphic designer working for an in-house studio on a single brand and I hate my job. I have become so bored with our templates and corporate colours that I can't face coming in to work in the morning. I've been to a couple of job interviews, but always get the same feedback; that my portfolio is limited to the single brand. I am dying to work in a creative studio, yet no-one wants to take a chance on me.


Dear Candice

All is not lost! The downside of working on a single brand is that your portfolio can suffer. In order to break out into something more creative, you will need to show future employers of what you are capable. Set yourself a few pro-active campaigns to work on over the weekends. Set a goal of at least 5 different pieces of design work which could include brochures, logos, annual reports, packaging design etc. which should display your versatility as a designer. Not only will you build up a varied portfolio, but you'll start having fun with design again.

These new pieces should be just the ammo you need to find a great position.


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A Small Truth To Make Life 100%

A Small Truth To Make Life 100%

From a strictly mathematical viewpoint

What makes 100%?
What does it mean to give MORE than 100%?
Ever wonder about those people who say they are giving more than 100%?
We have all been to those meetings where someone wants you to give over 100%.
How about achieving 103%?
What makes up 100% in life?

Here's a little mathematical formula that might help you answer these questions:


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Design Indaba

Each year we get to escape the confines of our offices in exchange for 3 days of creative enlightenment and visual pleasure. Design Indaba 2008 was no exception.

The power of creativity in changing the world was the underlying theme of this year's Design Indaba Conference. Creativity can - create more jobs, heal the planet, increase productivity and ultimately design a better world. We, the creative industry, were challenged to passionately seek innovative methods to increase sustainability within our environment. From selecting recycled paper to seeking new methods to avoid disposability, each of us has a part to play in this chapter of the ‘planet cycle'.

Personal highlights included Marije Vogelzang's unique concept of eating design, turning mealtimes into an interactive experience, encouraging us to connect with others.

Thank you, Ravi Naidoo, for creating a platform for the world's top designers to share their insight and experience with us.

Words by Sandra Benskin - Creative Consultant, Cape Town


Your Financial And IT Recruitment Specialists

If you're looking for specialists in IT and Financial recruitment, we highly recommend two professional recruitment consultancies who have helped change candidate's careers and added to client's bottom line.

Pro Select, headed up by Andrew Knight.  Give him a ring on 011 875 4311 or email him  -

FindersKeepers, headed up by Pia Mitri.  You can contact her on 011 883 3663 or email her -

"Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem.
 We all have twenty-four hour days"  Zig Ziglar

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